picture for article: Ideal Aviation Showcases Tecnam P92 Aircraft at Youth Aviation Day in St. Louis

Ideal Aviation Showcases Tecnam P92 Aircraft at Youth Aviation Day in St. Louis

WED JUN 7 2023
Published by Kim Nagel

Ideal Aviation participated in the highly successful Youth Aviation Day organized by the Gateway Youth Aeronautical Foundation. The event, held on June 3, 2023, at Creve Coeur Airport, attracted aviation enthusiasts of all ages, providing an exhilarating and educational experience.


Youth Aviation Day captivated attendees with a wide range of activities, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of aviation. The event featured an Aviation Career Fair, Special Guests, impressive Airplane and Helicopter Displays, exciting F-4 and F-16 cockpit photo opportunities, Young Eagle Flights, Discovery Flights, thrilling Huey and Cobra Helicopter Rides, state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Flight Simulators, and much more. Admission to the event was free, ensuring accessibility for all members of the community.


Ideal Aviation made a notable impression at Youth Aviation Day as Mary and Jake attended the event and showcased the remarkable Tecnam P92 aircraft. As the only flight school in the area offering the Tecnam P92, Ideal Aviation demonstrated its commitment to providing unique and exceptional training opportunities for aspiring pilots.


Ideal Aviation instructors expressed their enthusiasm for attending the event. "Participating in Youth Aviation Day was a fantastic experience for us. We were thrilled to showcase the Tecnam P92 and provide attendees with an opportunity to explore its remarkable features and capabilities."


Ideal Aviation's participation in Youth Aviation Day allowed attendees to explore the Tecnam P92 up close and learn more about the flight training programs offered by the flight school. Mary and Jake, with their extensive knowledge and expertise, engaged with visitors, providing valuable insights into the world of aviation and inspiring the next generation of pilots.

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