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What You Will Learn in Your First Few Hours Training

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THU MAY 11 2023
Published by Bill Macon

If you're considering flight training, you might be curious about what the first few hours will be like. Let's go over the top five things you can expect to learn when you embark on your journey to becoming a pilot!


First up, safety procedures are a top priority in aviation. You'll learn all about the different safety checks and protocols you need to follow when operating an aircraft. This includes preflight checks, emergency procedures, and how to communicate with air traffic control. By learning these procedures, you'll keep yourself and your passengers safe and operate within FAA guidelines.


Next, you'll learn the basics of aerodynamics. This includes how the wings create lift and how the controls work to move the plane through the air. It's important to understand these principles because it'll help you control the aircraft better.


Before you can take off, you need to learn how to handle the aircraft on the ground. This includes starting and stopping the engine, taxiing, and running checks to ensure that the plane is safe to fly. These steps might seem straightforward, but they're essential to making sure that everything's good to go before you take off.


After that, you'll dive into flight planning. You'll learn how to read charts and maps, calculate the weight and balance of the aircraft, and determine the best route to take for a safe and efficient flight. Planning is crucial because it helps you navigate from one point to another with ease.


Finally, you'll learn about the various instruments in the aircraft that you'll use during your flight. You'll discover how to use the altimeter to measure altitude, the airspeed indicator to track the plane's speed, and the compass to know where the plane is heading. It's important to know how to use these instruments because they help you fly the aircraft safely.


These are five things you'll learn in your first few hours of flight training. Remember, flight training can be a challenging but rewarding experience. With hard work and dedication, you can master the skills you need to become a pilot.

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